Welcome to the experiment that is my soul, mind, and body in the written form. Is it good? Is it bad? Honestly I can’t tell you. But It’s something alright. Suffice it to say I’m a work in progress and most likely always will be, or until I’m not, which if that is the case it would be a good idea to check my pulse I may have stopped breathing.

Life belongs to  both the optimistic and pessimistic. The morbid and the cheerful. The beautiful and the ugly, and everything in between. Black and white are two sides of a vast spectrum of grey which is where most of us lie. The grey is a complex and interesting place—lighter to darker, darker to lighter, ever flowing to-and-fro. The paper is white, and the ink is black, but the words and prose that is what gives us the context, the meaning, and the motives, all which makes up the grey matter of our personalities, our wants and desires; our flaws and quirks; our triumphs and loves, along with our failures and heartbreaks. The same gray-matter, which we tap into to further understand ourselves and others. That’s what I’m trying to do here, and I appreciate any who take part, even in the smallest way, on my journey. Thank you.

Canadian bred—red, white and… well red. Rambler, maunderer and mumbler, born in Montreal, then lived in Toronto, and now in L.A. I’ve dedicated my website to showcasing my writing of screenplays and prose. Something I’ve started to take seriously as of late. I’m honing my skills and trying to find honest, constructive feedback, which can be hard to find. Or just to have strangers read, and hopefully enjoy my stories. So I’ve opened my writing up to the internet to invite one and all, near and far, auteur or amateur, pedant or prentice to read, and if they like comment.

Thank you to all who visit!

Kev Pics

Pensive Self Portrait