New Screen Play – Creating Worlds

As I venture into my new screenplay, I’ve decided to try a new approach with it. Normally subscribing to the school of not outlining the story before typing “Fade in,” I feel this new venture into the land of the fantasy, myth, and fantastical, needs a road map to help me plot out the journey, so I’m dipping my toes in the school of outliners and pre-scribing my story, creating a sort of script-bible as-it-were.

My goal with this new script is to write a family-friendly adventure in the vain of some of the movies I loved as a kid myself: The Neverending Story, Time Bandits, The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, Labyrinth, and Legend, etc. Save for the last one, the lead character is a normal child thrown into a mystical world; meeting strange beings and mythical creatures that either help them, or threaten them.

In prepping for the story I find myself literally building a fictional world that the main character, Bobby, will slip into. A world filled with otherworldly beings and strange customs influenced by folklore of the past and present. I’ve drawn a visual map of this land of the “unseen”, with all its land shapes and features, like: mountain ranges, forests, rivers and lakes. Marking where the towns and villages are also helps as a visual guide in formulating the adventures the main characters will have; the types of people they’ll meet along the way. It is extremely fun, not to just build a world with words but visually as well.

Here are some versions of my map of the Lands of Halcyon. A place where at one time in its history there was the “Thousand Year War” between the two major states of Eerathon and Morilund. But that was before its current supreme ruler and tyrant—the Ashen Knight dominated the entire dominion with an iron glove.

Note: “The Whispers” are portals from one place to another in Halcyon. Although they help reduce travel time, those who pass through them lose part of their memories as a side effect.