“I like storytelling”

I like storytelling –

Nothing tickles my taint more than a metaphorical deep throat, an allegorical tonguing and licking. The cunnilingus of a sweet concoction of mythical and biblical proportions; wide as the vast oceans or tight as the pursed lips of the Vestal virgins. Whipped into submission by the quick and furious lashings of symbolism. Worked into a lather by an unbridled raconteur and her erogenous language. Her prose-porn. Her curvy, sweaty, sticky ethos. Ride the mountains and valleys: smooth, bumpy, dry, and wet of her belles-lettres until I erupt and fling the splooge of irony in the face of literary lunacy and succumb to the orgasmic madness of climatic catharsis.

-Keven Albers